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Wrinkle Reduction Skin Rejuvenation RF Fractional Laser Machine 10.4 inch LCD Display
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Product: Views:7Wrinkle Reduction Skin Rejuvenation RF Fractional Laser Machine 10.4 inch LCD Display 
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2MHZ RF Fractional Wrinkle Removal Fractional RF Microneedle Beauty Equipment



Technical Specification

System Type Mono&Bipolar RF
Bipolar RF
Frequency 2MHz
Total RF treatment Level Upto Level 10
Dual Operation Mode Fractional RF Micro-needle
Fractional RF Sub-Lative
Max.Engery 50W
Disposable Tip Micro-electrode needle
Micro-electrode tip
Depth of Needle 0.5-3mm
Display 10.4 inch LCD
Switch Foot Switch
Dimension(mm) 280mm*505mm*1100mm
Weight 20kg
Electrical Requirements AC/100-240V, 50-60Hz


Treatment Range


1. Skin Rejuvenation
2. Wrinkle Removal.
3. Skin Tightening and Promote Skin Elasticity.
4. Pore Refining
5. Scar Removal
6. Striae Gravidarum Removal


Advantages of RF

1. Pinxel RF energy works on the dermis directly,therefore, there will not be pigmentation left.

2. Fractional RF is not affected by the pigment and suitable for all kind of skin color. Visible result can be seen after each treatment.
3. Pinxel downtime is very short, redness just takes 1-2days, can wash face and makeup

immediately after treatment, the scab falls off in 3-4 days. The total recovery time takes one week.

4. Procedures just takes 5-15 minutes, microneedle and fractional RF dual ideal effect for wrinkle removal,skin whitening, repairing,scar removal,skin regeneration,improve skin condition, facelifting, pore size reduction etc.


Treatment handpieces


1. Fractional RF Micro Needle : For Invisive Treatment


*** Micro needle delivers RF directly to target area and reforms collagen and elastin effectively without energy loss like laser treatments.
***Microneedle RF penetrates target area rom epidermis to dermis without energy loss and stimulate disordered collagen in order it efficiently.
*** Stepping motor driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely and accurately.


Needle depth: 0.5mm-3.0mm adustable, each by 0.5mm

RF needle tip:

No burn and No risk of side effects.

Better result by sufficient energy delivering.

Easy to control penetration depth.

Acne Scar, Large pore, Wrinkle, Skin tone, Skin Elastivity/ Volume.


2. Fractional RF : For Non-invisive Treatment


The fractional RF delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely, more effectively.
It allows treatment regardless of skin type. Lasers is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin.


Fractional RF Tip:

Less pain, Less down time.

No risk on sensitive skin.

Immediate result and deep-heat-effect.

Skin texture, Large pore, Fine wrinkle, Lifting .



Operation Interface



Treatment results


Company introduction


Taibo beauty Company is the professional manufacturer of beauty equipment, medical equipment, Skin rejuvenation System Beauty Salon products and so on. Now we developed IPL series, SHR, E-light, Co2 fractional laser, 808nm diode laser, ultrasonic cavitations, fractional RF and hair re-growth laser, 980nm diode laser vascular removal, High frequency, HIFU skin tightening, HIFU slimming, Water oxygen jet peel, q switch nd yag laser, etc.



Keep leading in technology and service is always our aim. Your trust and support make us success.
Xian Taibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will work hard constantly for supplying best product and after sale service.




1)How does the treatment feel?
With each contact with the ThermaTip treatment tip you will feel a short, deep sensation of heat that is created by the supply of high-frequency energy into the skin and tissue. This feeling of heat is a sign that your collagen has reached a temperature that is ideal for firming. For the protection of your skin, the treatment tip is cooled before, during and after heating. This makes the treatment more pleasant.
Depending on your sensitivity to pain, you may be given a light sedative or analgesic – anaesthesia is not necessary.


2) How long does the procedure take?
The treatment may take between 30 minutes and a little over an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Some further time may be required to prepare the skin before the treatment.


3)How does my skin feel after the treatment?
Your skin should feel firmer, smoother and more youthful immediately after the treatment. With time you will notice further firming.


4) How many treatments do I need?
For the majority of patients even a single treatment produces the desired results. Your physician can determine the duration of therapy that is especially suited for you.


5) When can I see results?
Studies carried out by micro needle fractional RF and published recently show that there are visible changes immediately after the treatment as well as measurable improvements of the firming effect gradually over 2 to 6 months after a single treatment. However, many patients report that they have noticed reactions even earlier.


6) How long does the effect of the Thermalift procedure last?
According to unpublished reports by experienced doctors, the results last at least 24 months or even longer, depending on the natural ageing process of the patient and the intensity of external influences that have an effect on the skin after the treatment.


7) Is the procedure safe?
Existing studies and research data have confirmed that the micro needle fractional RF procedure is currently one of the most effective and safest non-surgical methods of treatment for face wrinkles and skin creases. More than 300,000 treatments have resulted in a level of safety of 99.8%. Please speak to your doctor about the proof of safety of this procedure.


Contact information

RoomB-605 Haibo Plaza FengCheng 9 Road Xi’an Shaanxi Province
Company: Xian Tai Bo Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Fax: 86-029-86677223


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